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Women's Fuck Thieves Racerback


So about almost 3 years ago? Right before Christmas during my move to Texas we had stopped off in Tucson Arizona to rest with the kitties in the hotel room. We brought in our luggage and cat food and whatnot for the night. We woke up the next day to our whole moving truck missing. They had broken the window out during the night and drove off with our whole life. Luckily they found our car which was on a trailer behind the truck. But all of our personal belongings were gone. Including all of my product for my clothing line Lucky Fuck. When the time came to chose which company I would focus on I chose Gore Noir as it needed to come out in a timely manner. So ever since then I've wanted to bring back Lucky Fuck but never had the money. So now I designed this shirt for the people who stole my whole life including photos and things from my grandpa and grandma that will never be replaced. Thanks for your support and FUCK ALL THIEVES!!

Womens shirts will be on "Next Level" racerback